This afternoon after a beautiful morning at the farmer’s market, my lover and I decided to take the bus to a quaint little part of Nova Scotia called “Fisherman’s Cove” in Eastern Passage. The busride from Halifax didn’t take very long at all and I actually felt like we were going on an adventure. Sometimes it’s nice to take a day vacation within the city or town that you live in. Mixing up my daily routine is something that I need to work on during the school year–especially during the cold winter months! For anyone living in Halifax, I would definitely suggest checking out Fisherman’s Cove if you feel like getting out of the city and into a beautiful (albeit windy) ocean setting. My lover and I packed a lunch of veggies and hummus, strawberries, focaccia bread (from the market!) and freshly-pressed apple cider.

How to get there: Walk or take the bus to the Scotia Square terminal and catch any bus that goes over the MacDonald bridge and stops at the Dartmouth Bridge terminal. (Bus #1, Bus #61 etc…) once you get off at the Dartmouth Bridge terminal take the #60 which heads out to Eastern Passage. Get off at the Cow Bay intersection (after the oil refinery). My lover and I accidently stayed on the bus and did a full circle of Eastern Passage before getting off at Fisherman’s Cove. I actually recommend staying on the bus and doing a loop of the small town because the views from the bluff are stunning!

For better directions and more places around Halifax look at this article from “The Coast”: