Today I went to the Saturday market down by the seaport. I encouraged my lover and my roomates to wake up early so we could head over to the market before the huge rush that happens around ten. I enjoyed going a bit earlier today because there was more room to walk and take pictures! My lover bought a glass of lemon saffron drink and it was delicious! yum. I also ended up getting some more flowers for the apartment and some for my poppy (we’re going for dinner later on today!)

These past few days have been so lovely–makes me happy that I can write them down in a blog. I received a surprise phone call last night around 6:30 pm from my best friend who wanted to treat me to a late night dinner of sushi. How could I pass? He brought me to Sushi Nami on Dresden Row (up by Spring Garden) and the sushi was GOOD. We both got dressed up, sashayed on over to the resturant and had a laughter-filled evening with yam rolls,  an asparagus roll and a california roll (for him).