Okay, so I’ve decided to include another outfit of the day. Since my last outfit of the day post, I’ve had two photoshoots (none of which were “good enough” for my blog). This past year I’ve been discovering that I can be a very picky person when it comes to quality. The quality of the photos that I post on this blog need to be good, you know? One thing I love about this blog is that it forces me to use my camera more often and to appreciate little aesthetically pleasing pleasures in life (like the flowers from the market). On another note, most of my outfits that I wear contain at least one thrifted item of clothing. I won’t harp on about the eco-advantages thrifting has, nor the positive impact it has on my wallet, but I am a passionate “thrifter” and my goal this year is to develop a sophisticated style with quality purchases (like sturdy winter boots) paired with thrifted basics.

Shirt: Winners (seasonal winter 2010)

Belt: thrifted

High-waisted skirt: Thrifted

Gray tights: Wal-Mart

Boots: Aldo (wouldn’t recommend)

Adele’s new video for Someone Like You came out this week. Yum.