Apparently I’ve been in a mood to photograph people playing board games (as you’ll see in my other posts) but nevertheless, here is a photograph of my roomates, Gordon, Chelcie, Yanael and our friend Riley! This was taken before we headed out for an evening of art in the city. Last night was Nocturne, which is a community-based event that celebrates the arts all over the city through a variety of art installments that occur at night from 6pm-12am. It’s an annual event that features many artists who practice their craft and display them for the public to enjoy. Sometimes it happens in the form of traditional fine-art gazing and sometimes it’s contemporary performance art. I don’t consider myself to be an art critic by any means (though I did work at an awesome art gallery last summer), however I’ll quickly review some of the art installments that I happened to stumble upon during my midnight roaming.

Firstly, a big kudos to the organizers of this event! I was pleased to see that there were many bus routes for people to take free of charge which meant that anyone and everyone could come enjoy the evening. I was also pleased with the brochure that explained the different zones and events within the city. For the most part, I loved being out in the city (especially on Barrington) where the crowd was booming. People were everywhere and had smiles on their faces! The energy in the air was filled with happiness as people excitedly wandered to the different oddities that popped up.

We stopped by the Kyhber Institute of Contemporary Arts and it was interesting to say the least. I loved the twisty corridors and high ceilings of the institute and I also enjoyed the different shows within the building itself. I felt as if I was walking through a mad-scientists fun house (fitting for Halloween) however sometimes it was a little ‘too wacky’ for my liking. The random video clips on the middle floor was too time-consuming and I didn’t understand the concept. Perhaps if we had more time I could fully immerse myself in the art of film, but those types of installments fell a little short for me. The other shows were quite good though.

This very odd installment was amusing. It’s called ‘Were We Here We Were’ which was located on Barrington at Obladee Wine Bar. You were supposed to tweet the artists with the hashtag #werewehere but Gordon doesn’t have twitter so he wrote them a text and held it up to the window. He said “Tell me my future” and they said “It could be exciting, it could be dull.” Let’s hope for the former.

I really loved this installment at Nova Scotia Crystal on George st. It was warm and lit with candles. They had three men performing their craft of glass-blowing. Apparently, It is the only place in Canada that blows glass by hand and without the help of large machinery. The factory is located right near the waterfront (which was looking especially beautiful last night) and the overall atmosphere of this performance was warm and inviting.

After touring the downtown, we headed to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia which featured some very nice artwork (our favourite being the large waterfall-esque fabric installment that was meant to resemble the synapses and neurons of the brain).

Other mentions: The beautiful installment at the Dalhousie Architecture building wherein you place your palms on some metal plates and you can feel and hear you heart beating loudly, the fabulous video installment located near the art gallery wherein you feel like you’re walking through an Arabic country and MacDonalds on Spring Garden (just kidding) but we did stop there on the way back haha.

After a lovely evening of art, we all headed back to our apartment, played another board game and then called it a night.