Two outfit posts in a row?! Who am I? Before starting this blog I hated having my picture taken but now I’m taking time to get to know myself and what looks good on my body (as well as wearing things that make me happy ). It’s a great feeling. Anyway, I decided to wear a parisian scarf (my great-grandmothers) which was gifted to me by my nana last year.

Scarf: Gifted

Shirt: Gifted (from Reitmans)

Skirt: Thrifted

Belt: Thrifted

Tights: Wal-Mart

Boots: Aldo

In other news, I took the bus to Dartmouth yesterday and went to the MicMac mall. After a bunch of research I decided to purchase some make-up. I usually don’t wear make-up (besides eyeliner, mascara and lipbalm) but lately I’ve been wanting to try foundation to even out my skintone. I wanted to limit my shopping to places that I could research and find out a little bit more about their ethics.

Lush: By far my favorite place I went to yesterday. The ladies were very informative and nice. I ended up buying “Jackie Oates” colour suppliment which is basically a foundation but you can blend it with your moisturizer and it goes on so smoothly. It contains only natural ingredients and is packaged in a glass container. Today is my first day using it and I LOVE it thus far. You can also use it as a concealer. I also got a toner called “Breath of Fresh Air” which is very nice too. It’s also made with all natural ingredients and feels so good to mist on your face. Rose water + aloe is such a good combination.

The Body Shop: I purchased a foundation brush which is a good investment if you’re going to be using foundation frequently. It just gives a smoother finish and is fun to play with! It is made with synthetic fibers which doesn’t soak up your product.

Mac: I bought the Mac Powder Sheer finish as a settling powder for my foundation (I did my research, I tell ya!) but I like how it changes the texture of my skin without feeling too heavy. The combination of the Lush foundation and the Mac sheer powder seems to be working thus far. I can let you know how my make-up routine goes in about a month or so.

Since I’m talking about products, I’ll leave you with a picture of my favorite nail polish as of late. It is seriously the best nail polish I’ve had in a while. Plus, metallics are hot right now.