Blog Tops

As many of you know, I’m a fourth year History major/ English minor. My university career is ticking down the minutes until I graduate. This means that I need to start searching for a career in the “real world”. Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about re-hauling my entire wardrobe so I can develop a style that I feel is more authentically “me”. This may seem frivolous to some of my readers but I think it is important to represent yourself to the world in a way that makes you feel good, as well as really define what direction you want your clothes to take you. Maybe I’m a product of capitalism but I feel good inside when I know I look great on the outside. I was never one to spend lots of money on clothing but I think I need to start investing in some classic, well-cut clothes that will last me 5+ years. It might take me a year (or maybe even longer) to aquire the exact wardrobe that I want, but it could be a fun process. Making this collage helped me to visualize what I want. If you’re interested, here is the “Top” portion of my list:

  • Sheer black blouse
  • Collared jean shirt
  • Collared white blouse
  • Tight black scoop neck long sleeve
  • White, Black & nude tank-top
  • Black cardigan
  • Striped nautical top (perfect fit & well-made)
  • Light pink ruffle blouse
  • Lightweight Spring/Fall jacket
  • Cropped cardigans (2)