Hello all of you fabulous people, I wanted to continue with this ‘Wardrobe Series’ and so for the next few days I will be talking about my wardrobe project and what has been on my mind for the past few months. A few days ago I read this article which was written in the 80’s but is still relevant today; it explains the importance of structure and neutrals and understated elegance. Neutrals are easy to blend and flatter everyone. They are elegant without being too ‘pushy’ and ‘overbearing’ and thus I decided to stick to a neutral colour palate for my new wardrobe. I also stuck to low-cut boots because I have seriously been searching for the best pair of well-cut and sturdy winter boots for the past two weeks to no avail– I must’ve literally tried on at least 45 pairs of boots. It’s sad because I am a paying costumer with 200 dollars in my hand, desperately searching for my solemate. However there does not seem to be any boots that will fit my calves. I can’t help it if I have awesome calves! My friend has the same problem and I’ve been talking to other women who claim to have the same problem as well. With that said, I happen to really like the look of those short, classic boots. The black boots in the second row are actually water-proof and would work well as a mini rubber boot.

The ‘Bottom’ section of my list was a bit harder for me to compile because I tend to dislike shopping for jeans or pants–I never have much luck. Alas, I’ve committed myself to searching for the perfect pants. Again, I’ve stuck with the neutral colour-scheme and even featured some faded boyfriend jeans for a more laid back and casual look. I also wanted to switch things up a bit and get some tweed shorts in a deep burgandy colour. I already have a few pencil skirts so I didn’t need to include them in the collage. I’ll keep you all updated when I aquire some of these things!

  • Winter/Fall boot (Black and Beige)
  • Rubber boot
  • Flat shoes (brown suede)
  • Flats (possible t-strap)
  • ‘Going out’ heels


  • Dark wash fitted jeans
  • High-waisted structured skirt
  • Closely cropped slacks (3)
  • Tweed shorts
  • Slightly faded boyfriend jeans