Dee, Caroline and Janis standing up for women’s reproductive freedom

                           Part of the crew outside of the Victoria General Hospital

The response from the community was overwhelmingly positive

Janis and I (picture taken by Caroline)



Well folks, the battle continues. I had written another blog post about this topic a few weeks ago but I thought I might write about it again since it is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Yesterday the Women’s Centre took to the streets once again to stand in opposition to the 40 Days for Life. We strive to maintain a peaceful presence and educate the public about the importance of choice and safety for women. As I might have mentioned earlier, the response from the public has been overwhelmingly positive and people are honking at us, giving us ‘thumbs up’ and stopping to thank us for our efforts. The response from the other side has been a little disappointing. We had one man scream at us from his car “fuck you whores” and last week we found a rusty coat-hanger up on the fence in the area that we stand. Despite all of that, we know that we are standing for something important. We’ve engaged in many discussions with the 40 Days for Life people and have had peaceful conversations. Lately we’ve been gaining some media attention as well which is nice so be on the look-out for some upcoming articles!

On Monday (Nov. 7th) we will have our ‘Day of Action’ outside the Public Gardens from 11-3 where we will pass out pro-choice literature, educate the public and maybe have a dance party. If you’re interested in staying informed about these types of issues as well as other feminist events in Halifax, please ‘like’ us on facebook.

Furthermore here is a new campaign which speaks directly about these issues as well: 1 in 3 Campaign