Cardigan: Wal-Mart

Dress: Thrifted

Belt: Thrifted

Tights: Sears

Boots: Aldo

Hello everyone! Here is my outfit of the day; it’s nothing special but I felt good wearing it. This morning Gordon and I met up with my poppy at the ‘South End Diner’ for some homestyle cooked brunch. I’ve dined there before so I knew what to expect. From the outside the diner looks like a hole-in-the-wall establishment but once you walk inside you instantly feel at home. It’s very tiny with counters wrapped around the whole resturant with stools and cake holders filled with freshly baked scones. The decor is retro with red walls and old black & white photos of Halifax hung up on the wall. The brunch was actually not bad and pretty good value for our money. I ordered the french toast with hashbrowns and it was delicious and cooked to perfection (though they did skimp a little on the hashbrowns). After our brunch date my poppy dropped Gordon and I off at The Museum of Natural History. We asked my poppy if he wanted to go but he explained that he had been there many times before. Right now the museum is having ‘Our Amazing World’ exhibit which was my favorite part. The show was projected onto a large suspending sphere and changed every few minutes to different planets and maps about our earth. I absolutely love museums. After the museum we stubbled upon a horse stable and hung out with the horses for a bit then we took a stroll through the Public Gardens and ended up at Pete’s Frootique where I dragged Gordon in so I could look at the cheese display. I LOVE going to that supermarket to just look at the displays and food but I never buy anything. Anyway, that was my day and now I will dive into some research for a paper I’m writing for my seminar class. Cheers!