This past weekend my dad came out to Halifax for some work meetings and to also spend the weekend with my poppy and I. On Saturday my poppy and my dad came to pick up Gordon and myself for a little roadtrip down to the valley where I used to live. It was nice to be able to show Gordon my old houses and the places where I grew up. On the way to the valley we stopped in Grand Pré to visit the Evangeline Trail and church. The church is situated on the banks of the Bay of Fundy and the wind was biting cold. We were the only people there and the museum was closed but we tried to walk up to the church anyhow. After our little adventure to the Evangeline church we headed over to Acadia to see the campus and to go to the farmer’s market– it was lovely! My dad bought me some ‘Peach Jalapeño Jam’ and it is SO delicious. During our trip I was eager to take photos but my camera was blurry and my hands were cold so I ended up with some random shots from the duration of our day. I’ve included two photos of Gordon because he’s just too cute to pass up.

I love spending time with my loved ones. I can’t think of anything better. How was your weekend?