After this past week, my soul has been aching to go back to BC for the holidays. To me, British Columbia symbolizes the nourishing of my soul, the place where I can be one with nature and calm myself. It is my retreat. I feel as if my life is split into two pieces; on one side I want to build a treehouse at the edge of a forest with the ocean expanding wide out of my window. I want to live in harmony with the world around me and find inner bliss (which has always been my goal). On the other hand there is a strong part of me that wants to be active and live in a bustling city with lights and sounds and a concrete, gritty jungle to explore.  I suppose the logical conclusion would be to merge the two pieces together to create a life that I feel authentically represents me. Does anyone else ever feel this way?

Anyway, since I’m talking about BC, I thought I’d share my list of plans for the month of December:

  • Go on as many outdoor bikerides, hikes and walks as I can. I miss being among the trees.
  • Learn three new recipes that are easy and nutritious to make.
  • Read at least 2/3 books of my choosing.
  • Learn a little bit of HTML/CSS so I can work on my blog layout.
  • Start working on my Wardrobe re-haul and find good quality/classic clothing.
  • Complete my own special ‘giving back’ project.

My friend Katie sent me a list of song suggestions after hearing ‘A Song for Sienna’ that I posted a little while ago. Actually, I should just mention that my friends Adam and Katie have started a business called: Lunar Harvest Medicinals. They grow and make natural healing substances.