The past few nights have been busy in my apartment! Actually, this whole week has been non-stop with meetings, running around, printing, reading, life (sadly, none of it involved school work).

On Friday night my boyfriend hosted a Robbie Burns night for all of us to enjoy. This included bagpipe music, haggis, ceremonial readings and board games! My roomate, David, makes video padcasts so we were able to capture the night on video. My favorite part starts at 4:38 hahaha I’ve watched that part about 15 times and died laughing each time.

On Saturday night I hosted a cast-party for the women in the Vagina Monologues. If I’m being completely honest though I actually tricked the cast into thinking it would be a fun party and instead we decorated over a hundred cookies and made 257 chocolate vagina pops. There was more work than partying going on.

This is on repeat: