To make ugly soup you will need:





This soup is basically a Frankenstein soup made from all the different left-overs we had in our frigidaire.  So, you don’t need to make it pretty. Just start out with some broth (chicken, veggie, or beef), one litre, and then start chopping!

Chop up some onions. Add as you go.  Put in as many as you like, because you can never have enough onions. Note: if cutting onions is as upsetting to you as it is to me (it makes me tear up every time), then buy onions from the farmer’s market.  Those ones don’t make my cry as much for some reason.

Once you’ve gotten over the heartbreak of chopping onions, cut up some carrots, potatoes, celery, broccoli, green peppers, you name it.

Then, begin your search for some creative additions. I found left-over quinoa in the fridge, so I threw that in there. Also, there was some pearl barley in the pantry, so I threw that in there as well.

When everything’s in the pot as you like it, boil the hell out of it. But make sure you add a little water now and again so that it doesn’t dry out.

After it’s done, enjoy with a nice, cheesy Acadian baguette from Sobey’s.

Gordon is not a professional and everything he says should be taken with a grain of salt. His passion for cooking began about two months ago so let’s hope this isn’t a phase and he continues to cook delicious food for his girlfriend.