I feel eager to post on this blog way more often than I actually get around to but I’ve had good reasons! Mainly, the Vagina Monologues which is now (sadly) over. Last night was our final show and it turned out fabulously. I think I met my goals for the performance–especially my goal of creating a strong feminist community. The cast surprised me with some gorgeous potted orchids in the prettiest shade of purple. When I woke up this morning I put them by the window so I could glance over from my computer every once and awhile to admire them in the light.

The magazine I posted up above is a brilliant new men’s magazine called Smith Journal which comes all the way from Australia. My roomate picked up this magazine as inspiration for a magazine workshop she’s involved in and I had to steal it away for a few hours to devour the gorgeous content. I don’t think I’ve ever been this smitten with a written publication before. Their website is equally as beautiful and intriguing! There was a time in highschool where I would buy every issue of Ellegirl, Nylon and Glamour and dream about all the of the beautiful images and fashion. It’s funny because I’m currently taking a class in fashion history at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and this morning I’ve been working on an assignment analyzing a London-based women’s magazine from 1890. Here is the image I’ve been working with:

This post is a little unfocused but I suppose it reflects my life in the present moment. The next week will be filled with projects, presentations and midterms for school but then I get a whole week off and trust me, I am going to revel in every moment of it.