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Birthdays are so much fun! I felt so loved this year and received some amazing gifts that were completely unexpected. Here are two colourful cards–one hand made pop-up card that is amazing and the other one with sparkle type! Also, that candle smells SOOO good. It smells like a cucumber sandwich!

Ahhh! I feel like my friends know me so well. I got a beautiful sampler tea set from a lovely lady and her equally lovely lover. Also a feminist magazine, a hard-covered book of short stories with a beautiful card, a tiny origami raccoon, chocolate, bath salts, certificates to get a vegetarian donair, glittery stick-on nails and a box of old-fashioned gum.

My amazing friend and co-worker brought me some gorgeous cupcakes that she decorated herself…that is skill. (photo cred to Allison) :)

Gordon made me a bearded-owl breakfast complete with a ketchup smile!

Yesterday I went for a Korean lunch.

All in all, I felt loved. That is the most important part I think. Gordon took me out for a fancy dinner, I had some fun phone chats with my family and I spent some me-time.

I will be kickin’ off my 22nd year with energy and new-found commitment. Yipppeeee!


Yesterday was David’s birthday! My roomates and I blew up balloons and scattered his gifts around the apartment so that when he came home from work we could surprise him. Chelcie, Gordon and myself all stood in a row with a beautiful cake Ches had made for him and sang happy birthday as he opened the door! After some birthday festivities we headed over to ‘Star Anise’ on Barrington which was somewhere we had all been wanting to try. Everyone said that their food was good and my soup was exactly what I had been craving however, I probably won’t go back there because it was so expensive; a single soup cost me $15 dollars (including tip) but still, that is far too steep for my student budget. After we had eaten, we headed up to ‘Brussels’ which is in the NSCAD square and it was so beautifully decorated and comfy. I was disappointed when our waitress was less than professional as she told us about her weekend partying and how she got drunk and high. It was odd and maybe I’m stuck up, but that was uncalled for.

Anyway, when I came home last night I discovered that the popular ‘Life in a Day’ (a film by Youtube) had became available for free in it’s entirety so my lover and I cuddled up in bed and watched it. For those who aren’t familiar: It’s a youtube-based project wherein the director put a general call-out to the world, asking people to film their lives on July 24th, 2010. After editing over 4000 hours of footage from 192 countries all over the world, the film ‘Life in a Day’ was born.