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I wanted to do a quick review of Laura’s Cafe on Barrington St, Halifax because I felt that they deserved a tiny bit of publicity. Laura’s Cafe is a little tucked away diner in the South End which features Canadian and Russian cuisine and all-day breakfast for as low as $6.50. When the ‘South End Diner’ burnt down a couple months ago, I began to look for another spot that offered good quality, low priced brunch that would be nice to visit on a Sunday morning with my boyfriend and my poppy.

Well, last Sunday was the first time we popped into Laura’s Cafe and we were not dissappointed! The decor was a cute mix of traditional Russian decor and 70’s mustard yellow + bright orange themed tables and curtains. Somehow it all worked together and I found myself compelled to take photos of everything! The food was cheap and delicious (I ordered a spinach and feta omelette) and it was so good. Also the homefries were seasoned with something seriously awesome though quite salty (so watch out for that).

Our waitress said the cafe has been open since October and I’m convinced that when the word gets out it’s going to be one of those packed brunch-type diners so you better go take advantage while you can!


Jacket– Urban Outfitters

Sweater– Casta Blanca

Tank Top– Smart Set

Necklace– On loan

Skirt– Casta Blanca

Tights– Sears

Boots– Locale

Oh my goodness, I’ve been away from this blog for quite a long time. It’s odd how fast time flies (especially around exam/holiday time). I’m currently back in BC for the holidays and today my family and I picked up my poppy from the airport. Afterwards we headed over to a family friend’s house for a delicious brunch that was presented so beautifully. I wish I had my camera to show you how lovely the entire spread looked.

Anyway, I wanted to update everyone on some of my winter goals which I’ve actually been trying to stick to. In terms of my wardrobe re-haul, I’ve been making some progress with sticking to my strict rules of choosing classic and well-cut pieces for my wardrobe that will last me for a while. Two new things that I bought are this jean jacket and these new boots which I felt will carry my through milder winter days as well as the Spring weather in Halifax. I love the ‘tougher’ look of the jean material paired with the leather and buckle.

Oh! I wanted to post this video from my boyfriend’s best friends band in Vancouver. They’re called “The River and The Road” and all I can say is…wow. I’ve been listening to them non-stop. Here is the video for ‘I Tried’ sung by Keenan Lawlor