So yesterday I marched my way to the local photo-developers to get my disposable camera developed. I’ve had it with me for about a year or so and kept it in my bag so I could use it when the inspiration struck me. A lot of my pictures didn’t turn out but I’m pleased with the ones that have. These photos are like little snippets of memories from the past year and when I look at them I get this warm tingly feeling at having experienced life and at having captured it in this way.

My goal is to start taking more pictures of everyday life so I can print a book at the end of the year in September and have actual physical copies. Remember when everyone used to make photo albums? My parents have a million of those big books filled with printed photos. The other week I looked through hundreds of pictures at my poppy’s house. I want something ‘real’ for my children and grandchilden to look through one day. Don’t you?

I’m feeling nostalgic today because the Britannica Encylcopedia is stopping the printing of books and instead focusing on their online publications after 244 years. I don’t know why that makes me so sad? I think I may just be a real romantic at heart. Today I went to the public library and saw that they were having a sale where you could fill a bag with books and buy them for $1 so I picked up some beautiful children’s stories and a hardcover Edmund Burke book for Gordon. The other day Gordon headed down to the Art Gallery where they were selling art books for $1 as well. I guess I shouldn’t complain–at least I’m getting some beautiful books for a dollar.

I’ll leave you with this lovely song: