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Birthdays are so much fun! I felt so loved this year and received some amazing gifts that were completely unexpected. Here are two colourful cards–one hand made pop-up card that is amazing and the other one with sparkle type! Also, that candle smells SOOO good. It smells like a cucumber sandwich!

Ahhh! I feel like my friends know me so well. I got a beautiful sampler tea set from a lovely lady and her equally lovely lover. Also a feminist magazine, a hard-covered book of short stories with a beautiful card, a tiny origami raccoon, chocolate, bath salts, certificates to get a vegetarian donair, glittery stick-on nails and a box of old-fashioned gum.

My amazing friend and co-worker brought me some gorgeous cupcakes that she decorated herself…that is skill. (photo cred to Allison) :)

Gordon made me a bearded-owl breakfast complete with a ketchup smile!

Yesterday I went for a Korean lunch.

All in all, I felt loved. That is the most important part I think. Gordon took me out for a fancy dinner, I had some fun phone chats with my family and I spent some me-time.

I will be kickin’ off my 22nd year with energy and new-found commitment. Yipppeeee!


This past weekend my dad came out to Halifax for some work meetings and to also spend the weekend with my poppy and I. On Saturday my poppy and my dad came to pick up Gordon and myself for a little roadtrip down to the valley where I used to live. It was nice to be able to show Gordon my old houses and the places where I grew up. On the way to the valley we stopped in Grand Pré to visit the Evangeline Trail and church. The church is situated on the banks of the Bay of Fundy and the wind was biting cold. We were the only people there and the museum was closed but we tried to walk up to the church anyhow. After our little adventure to the Evangeline church we headed over to Acadia to see the campus and to go to the farmer’s market– it was lovely! My dad bought me some ‘Peach Jalapeño Jam’ and it is SO delicious. During our trip I was eager to take photos but my camera was blurry and my hands were cold so I ended up with some random shots from the duration of our day. I’ve included two photos of Gordon because he’s just too cute to pass up.

I love spending time with my loved ones. I can’t think of anything better. How was your weekend?

Cardigan: Wal-Mart

Dress: Thrifted

Belt: Thrifted

Tights: Sears

Boots: Aldo

Hello everyone! Here is my outfit of the day; it’s nothing special but I felt good wearing it. This morning Gordon and I met up with my poppy at the ‘South End Diner’ for some homestyle cooked brunch. I’ve dined there before so I knew what to expect. From the outside the diner looks like a hole-in-the-wall establishment but once you walk inside you instantly feel at home. It’s very tiny with counters wrapped around the whole resturant with stools and cake holders filled with freshly baked scones. The decor is retro with red walls and old black & white photos of Halifax hung up on the wall. The brunch was actually not bad and pretty good value for our money. I ordered the french toast with hashbrowns and it was delicious and cooked to perfection (though they did skimp a little on the hashbrowns). After our brunch date my poppy dropped Gordon and I off at The Museum of Natural History. We asked my poppy if he wanted to go but he explained that he had been there many times before. Right now the museum is having ‘Our Amazing World’ exhibit which was my favorite part. The show was projected onto a large suspending sphere and changed every few minutes to different planets and maps about our earth. I absolutely love museums. After the museum we stubbled upon a horse stable and hung out with the horses for a bit then we took a stroll through the Public Gardens and ended up at Pete’s Frootique where I dragged Gordon in so I could look at the cheese display. I LOVE going to that supermarket to just look at the displays and food but I never buy anything. Anyway, that was my day and now I will dive into some research for a paper I’m writing for my seminar class. Cheers!

This past week I’ve been hit with the worst flu that I’ve had in ages. Normally I try to heal myself naturally with different techniques that I’ve picked up over the years but I won’t lie to you, I did cave and take some manufactured medicine for part of the time. However, I did try out some natural ways of healing that definitely helped me through my sickness so I thought I’d share with you.

By no means do I ‘like’ getting sick, but for some reason it’s kinda nice to take 2-3 days to do absolutely nothing and lay in bed. For the first two days I tried a variety of different natural healing tips that made me feel so much better.

My first tip is tea. I love tea (it’s just so soothing and warm and feels nice on a sore throat). I adore chamomile and lavender. My coveted chamomile tea is from a natural foods store and is wonderfully delicious; my lavender was harvested this summer from my organic sprout farm and was gifted to me. During sickness it’s important to keep as hydrated as you can so drinking tea is a great way to get liquid.

In the middle hours of the night I was feeling very ill so I crept out of bed, went into the kitchen and grabbed a huge cooking pot and filled it a quarter of the way with water. I added some lavender and let the water steam. I held my head above the pot and breathed deeply to allow the steam to sooth my throat and face.

On the second day my throat was killing me so I tried drops of purified oregano oil. It tasted horrible but the oil instantly kills any bacteria so it gives you a few minutes of relief. I wasn’t brave enough to take the oil as much as I should have because it is so intense and made me feel a little nauseous but if you can handle it, you should definitely go that route.

The last thing I did was make a cayenne, ginger and garlic concoction which you are supposed to gargle. I put a teaspoon of cayenne, a teaspoon of chopped ginger and one minced garlic clove into a cup of warm water. I mixed it all together and gargled it periodically for about an hour. The ingredients help to promote phlegm so that you can cough it out and feel better. (I know that’s pretty gross but it’s true!)

Other things that I did this week was watch movies in bed. I highly recommend this one because a) it’s awesome and b) it’s actually beneficial to rest your body as much as you can.

I also caught up on a bunch of blogs that I love and came across an amazing post that I thought I’d share here because it is so cute. It’s by TheLittleDear where she compiled a bunch of vintage love photos. Here are the photos along with some other vintage images that have been saved on my computer for years:

Finally, this song has been playing on my computer all week. It’s gorgeous:

Today I went to the Saturday market down by the seaport. I encouraged my lover and my roomates to wake up early so we could head over to the market before the huge rush that happens around ten. I enjoyed going a bit earlier today because there was more room to walk and take pictures! My lover bought a glass of lemon saffron drink and it was delicious! yum. I also ended up getting some more flowers for the apartment and some for my poppy (we’re going for dinner later on today!)

These past few days have been so lovely–makes me happy that I can write them down in a blog. I received a surprise phone call last night around 6:30 pm from my best friend who wanted to treat me to a late night dinner of sushi. How could I pass? He brought me to Sushi Nami on Dresden Row (up by Spring Garden) and the sushi was GOOD. We both got dressed up, sashayed on over to the resturant and had a laughter-filled evening with yam rolls,  an asparagus roll and a california roll (for him).