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Oh don’t mind me–just showing off my new haircut which isn’t really new because I got it a few weeks ago but I enjoy the length that my stylist cut it at. I went to AliciaMelansonSalon on Barrington St. in Halifax and I highly recommend it! I’ve tried a few places around Halifax and I must say that this salon has been my favorite thus far. I lucked out by getting a great stylist named Katie Newall who was very attentive to what I wanted. She also shared some of her own personal tricks for creating volume in my hair and I’ve been using them ever since.

Anyway, I thought I’d share some of my favorite things this week.

Films: Last night Gordon and I indulged ourselves and paid for two tickets to ‘The Iron Lady’. In the two years that we’ve been together it was our first movie that we’ve watched together at an actual movie theatre. At first I was hopping to drag him to a cheesy chick-flick ‘The Vow’ but after the first 5 minutes of ‘The Iron Lady’ I knew that we’d made the right choice. I’ve been very emotional lately and something about the film just struck me as intensely sad, beautiful, inspiring and powerful and so I cried the entire time. I’m not kidding.

Musicians:  I know I’ve posted about these guys before but I cannot get enough of how good they are! In the interest of full disclosure I should mention that I might be slightly bias as one of the band members is Gordon’s good friend, Keenan.

The videography and editing for this video is really good too. Also, if you’d be so kind to visit their facebook page and click ‘like’ I’m sure they’d be ever grateful!

Activity:  This past week my roomates and I were given the opportunity to cat-sit a beautiful little-rascal of a cat named Taters. I ended up capturing some cute moments and my heart exploded.

Appreciation:  I’ve been feeling overwhelmed for a few weeks now and sometimes it seems as if everything is set against me but I’ve been trying to find the good energy and positive outcomes in every situation. There will be a lot exciting changes coming up within the next few months (Gordon and I found our very own beautiful apartment) and I will be graduating university with a degree! For now I’ll leave you with this picture of a soft snowfall outside my window.

Have a fabulous day and leave a link in the comments with some of your favorite things lately!

I feel eager to post on this blog way more often than I actually get around to but I’ve had good reasons! Mainly, the Vagina Monologues which is now (sadly) over. Last night was our final show and it turned out fabulously. I think I met my goals for the performance–especially my goal of creating a strong feminist community. The cast surprised me with some gorgeous potted orchids in the prettiest shade of purple. When I woke up this morning I put them by the window so I could glance over from my computer every once and awhile to admire them in the light.

The magazine I posted up above is a brilliant new men’s magazine called Smith Journal which comes all the way from Australia. My roomate picked up this magazine as inspiration for a magazine workshop she’s involved in and I had to steal it away for a few hours to devour the gorgeous content. I don’t think I’ve ever been this smitten with a written publication before. Their website is equally as beautiful and intriguing! There was a time in highschool where I would buy every issue of Ellegirl, Nylon and Glamour and dream about all the of the beautiful images and fashion. It’s funny because I’m currently taking a class in fashion history at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and this morning I’ve been working on an assignment analyzing a London-based women’s magazine from 1890. Here is the image I’ve been working with:

This post is a little unfocused but I suppose it reflects my life in the present moment. The next week will be filled with projects, presentations and midterms for school but then I get a whole week off and trust me, I am going to revel in every moment of it.


I had the pleasure of testing out the Nikon 50 mm lens on my camera and I must say, I absolutely loved it. Last night was a quiet Sunday evening and we had a few friends over for some board games and non-alcoholic drinks. We also met Taters(!!!) who will be living with us for a week!  I am so excited to have this creature running around the apartment and creating some chaos. I’m sure there will be many more pictures of Taters on this blog within the next month (kittens are so fun to photograph!)

Cheers everyone and much love.

To make ugly soup you will need:





This soup is basically a Frankenstein soup made from all the different left-overs we had in our frigidaire.  So, you don’t need to make it pretty. Just start out with some broth (chicken, veggie, or beef), one litre, and then start chopping!

Chop up some onions. Add as you go.  Put in as many as you like, because you can never have enough onions. Note: if cutting onions is as upsetting to you as it is to me (it makes me tear up every time), then buy onions from the farmer’s market.  Those ones don’t make my cry as much for some reason.

Once you’ve gotten over the heartbreak of chopping onions, cut up some carrots, potatoes, celery, broccoli, green peppers, you name it.

Then, begin your search for some creative additions. I found left-over quinoa in the fridge, so I threw that in there. Also, there was some pearl barley in the pantry, so I threw that in there as well.

When everything’s in the pot as you like it, boil the hell out of it. But make sure you add a little water now and again so that it doesn’t dry out.

After it’s done, enjoy with a nice, cheesy Acadian baguette from Sobey’s.

Gordon is not a professional and everything he says should be taken with a grain of salt. His passion for cooking began about two months ago so let’s hope this isn’t a phase and he continues to cook delicious food for his girlfriend.


I haven’t mentioned it on my blog yet but this year I’ve taken on the role of producing and directing The Vagina Monologues. It’s a big job but damn, I love it. Last year I decided to try out for the Vagina Monologues after some encouragement from the SMU Women’s Centre. I was in a very interesting point of my life where I had moved across the entire country away from my family and boyfriend who were back in BC. I was living on my own for the first time and seeking an outlet for my pent-up feminism. After my first audition I knew I was on the right path. I ended up reading “Comfort Women” and just…the feeling I got from reading and expressing deep sorrow on stage was so powerful; connecting with other women and really feeling the emotion and intensity was very comforting and inspiring. After those experiences I knew that I needed to be involved again this year so I went ahead and decided to produce and direct it to ensure the production happened again in Halifax and so that other women can feel what I felt.

For the past two weeks I’ve been hosting auditions for women to come read and have a chance to take part of something magical. Last week I auditioned 3 women and today I auditioned 6. All of them were inspiring and full of energy & life and gave me focus and new-found energy in the work that I’m doing. I’ve been fortunate to find some volunteers who’ve been graciously helping in making the show a success. For the next few months we’ll be busy with this show but the end result will be worth it!

For those that may be interested in performing or volunteering (helping with postering/fundraising/ticket selling) please email

Performance is happening February 9th, 10th & 11th (I know I’m early in promoting but I’m just too excited!)



Hello all of you fabulous people, I wanted to continue with this ‘Wardrobe Series’ and so for the next few days I will be talking about my wardrobe project and what has been on my mind for the past few months. A few days ago I read this article which was written in the 80’s but is still relevant today; it explains the importance of structure and neutrals and understated elegance. Neutrals are easy to blend and flatter everyone. They are elegant without being too ‘pushy’ and ‘overbearing’ and thus I decided to stick to a neutral colour palate for my new wardrobe. I also stuck to low-cut boots because I have seriously been searching for the best pair of well-cut and sturdy winter boots for the past two weeks to no avail– I must’ve literally tried on at least 45 pairs of boots. It’s sad because I am a paying costumer with 200 dollars in my hand, desperately searching for my solemate. However there does not seem to be any boots that will fit my calves. I can’t help it if I have awesome calves! My friend has the same problem and I’ve been talking to other women who claim to have the same problem as well. With that said, I happen to really like the look of those short, classic boots. The black boots in the second row are actually water-proof and would work well as a mini rubber boot.

The ‘Bottom’ section of my list was a bit harder for me to compile because I tend to dislike shopping for jeans or pants–I never have much luck. Alas, I’ve committed myself to searching for the perfect pants. Again, I’ve stuck with the neutral colour-scheme and even featured some faded boyfriend jeans for a more laid back and casual look. I also wanted to switch things up a bit and get some tweed shorts in a deep burgandy colour. I already have a few pencil skirts so I didn’t need to include them in the collage. I’ll keep you all updated when I aquire some of these things!

  • Winter/Fall boot (Black and Beige)
  • Rubber boot
  • Flat shoes (brown suede)
  • Flats (possible t-strap)
  • ‘Going out’ heels


  • Dark wash fitted jeans
  • High-waisted structured skirt
  • Closely cropped slacks (3)
  • Tweed shorts
  • Slightly faded boyfriend jeans

Happy Thanksgiving! As you can see from the title of this post, my lover and I went to Lunenburg for the weekend to get away from the city and to experience the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Instead of cooking a big thanksgiving meal we decided to use that money to spend a night in a B&B and treat ourselves to a nice vacation.

Our first night we took the bus to my poppy’s house and spent the evening with him. He cooked us another home-cooked meal and it was delicious. Afterwards, my poppy and Gordon played checkers while I caught up on “Say Yes To The Dress” on TLC. We don’t have cable at home so sometimes it’s nice to just curl up on the couch and watch t.v.

When we woke up in the morning we borrowed my poppy’s car and drove along the water until we arrived in Lunenburg. Oh my goodness, it was so lovely. Lunenburg is a UNESCO World Heritage site which is situated on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. It’s brimming with historic houses and old-world charm. Lunenburg is home to the Bluenose II (which is a re-built schooner and Nova Scotia’s sailing ambassador) so you can imagine the pride that the town takes in maintaining it’s properties and ocean-front. My lover and I stayed in the ‘old town’ which was established in 1753 by the “new settlers” (German, Swiss and French). Fishing and shipbuilding are the two traditonal industries that flourished in the past and still continue today!

Feel free to click on these pictures which brings you to a gallery-type setting

Where we stayed: We stayed in a sweet little Bed & Breakfast called The Sail Inn ( which we think was definitely well priced and worth the money. The cost of the room was $138 (including taxes) which featured a gorgeous bedroom on the top floor overlooking the harbour in a turn-of-the centruy Skipper’s house. It contained one of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept in, a modern yet charming decor and an amazing bathroom complete with a jacuzzi bathtub and a shower with one of those rainforest showerheads. When you stay at The Sail Inn you get a complimentary sail-trip on their boat called the ‘Eastern Star’ (some conditions apply). Unfortunately Gordon and I missed out on the boat trip but received an official rain cheque that doesn’t expire in case we ever decide to go back to Lunenburg. When you stay at The Sail Inn, you also get a free breakfast which was great! It inlcuded croissants, toast, eggs and bacon as well as salmon, pickled herring, dried fruit, cheese, fresh fruit, delicious orange juice among other things). Here are some pictures of our room/bathroom:

Where we ate: Gordon and I ate at Trattoria della Nonna, which is an Italian restaurant down the street from where we stayed. On TripAdvisor (I know I’m a nerd) it was the highest rated restaurant in Lunenburg and since this was a weekend of indulgences, we decided to dress-up and spend an evening eating good food! Unfortunately my pictures of our food didn’t turn out but I had the Toscana pizza (eggplant, zucchini, peppers, caramelized onion, gorgonzold on top of a thin crust pizza) and Gordon had the Puttanesca (Linguini, Indian Point mussels, capers, olives, anchovies, blistered grape tomatoes, chiles and pomodoro). I’d recommend this restaurant but I would definitely advise you to reserve a table (preferably not up by the bar area). Also, the options for vegetarians was limited so I had to keep my meal simple. Actually, Lunenburg is not very vegetarian-friendly so watch out for that.

All in all, it has been a great Thanksgiving weekend and I wouldn’t have spent it any other way. I’m thankful for my great boyfriend, my loving family, beautiful weather, an awesome job and school, this beautiful province, the ocean and opportunities to enjoy life.