I feel like the past two days have been so random! Maybe it’s on account of school ending forever, or maybe it’s because I’ve been getting too much sun on my head or spring fever is hitting me hard but I’ve been feeling silly, restless and ambitious! Gordon and I are officially moved into the new place and I LOVE it so much! Seriously, ya’ll should come visit me and I’ll serve you tea and we can perch upon my new futon and then we’ll comment on how lovely the light looks in the room and then we’ll eat muffins that my boyfriend made. It will be marvelous.

Anywho, today my lover and I did a bit of roaming around the city. We stopped by the Sally-Ann to find a coffee-table but had no luck. Then we strolled on over to the library where I picked up three novels (now that I’m pretty much done school all I want to do is read–imagine that). After the library we took a ride on the ferry over to Dartmouth and then back again just because we felt like it. Then I grabbed some sushi at Superstore and after dinner we went to Darrells for milkshakes! yum. I saw these three dogs when we were out today and had to ask the ladies pushing this baby carriage full of dogs, if I could take a picture. I couldn’t help myself. I pretty much died inside when I saw this spectacle.

Last night Gordon and I went to the symphony again…for the second time this month which is a little pricey but I try to justify it by telling myself that I’ll be more cultured…right? haha oh well. It’s fun.

This was my favorite piece last night from composer Jules Massenet (1842-1912) Le Cid: Ballet Music

and just so you don’t think I’m a stuck up snob who only listens to classical music–here is what I’ve really been listening to everyday: