I thought I’d write a quick update about mangoes. I know it’s a little out of the ordinary for me to post something like this but I had to share with you! A couple weeks ago I bought a bottle of mango body-wash from The Body Shop (smells delicious!) but I noticed that it contained so many chemical ingredients. On the bottle it said that women from India have been rubbing the kernels from the mangoes onto their skin to keep it soft so while I was scrubbing away I had a eureka moment and thought “what if I did the same thing?”

The next day I bought some mangoes and tried it out! I ate most of the mango but kept the skins with the leftover mango on it and the pit in the middle as well and used those to rub into my body. Gordon thought ¬†was crazy and at first it did seem a little weird but it actually worked! My skin felt so smooth afterwards and now I don’t feel so bad when I spend money on mangoes because they provide me with food and moisturizer!

**On another note I’ve been working hard to develop my very own website! It should be up and running within the next few weeks (maybe longer if I get stuck on some things) but I’ve been so happy trying to learn html/css/how to make websites/get my own domain etc…so stay tuned for that announcement!